• Increase control & visibility to maximise cash flow
  • Secure prompt payment discounts
  • Reduce risks of payment related fraud
  • Eliminate lost or misfiled documents
  • Reduce document transport & storage costs
  • Reduce fines due to failed audits and/or compliance regulations

Related Software

Paper invoices and manual processing continue to hamper accounts payable operations; keeping suppliers in the dark and failing to give finance the visibility it needs to actively manage the organisations' cash positions. Manual approval processes are often slow to occur, rife with mistakes and lacking in safeguards due to high volumes and limited resources. The end goal of automation is to drive savings through discount capture, penalty avoidance, and lower staff costs, while improving the speed of access to payables-related information.

AP automation solutions streamline the process of capturing invoices to increase processing speed and reduce data entry costs. They leverage best practice workflows to expedite invoice review, coding and the approval processes for fast return on investment. Organisations are able to manage by exception, not by default.

Document Imaging solutions convert all invoices into standard format electronic files and data that can be accessed from the desktop, at any time, by anyone who is authorised, and by multiple people at once.

Security measures, retention policies and a formal, auditable process for capturing invoices, regardless of format or content can be implemented to reduce risk of compliance failure. Records can be easily verified in order to complete accurate, timely and cost-effective audits.

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