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Press Release - The Bourne Academy

An in-house print shop is generating an income stream at The Bourne Academy

Printer consolidation has increased productivity while reducing costs

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Paris Smith has chosen Worldox as their Document Management Solution to simplify, control and manage documents throughout the business

Worldox allows Paris Smith solicitors to instantly view any document or email associated with a specific client, matter or project, dramatically improving efficiency and firm profitability. It facilitates collaboration amongst legal teams serving the same client or working on the same matter. The entire firm can leverage more value from documents that have already been created, even if the individuals who created those documents have left the firm.

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Press Release - Dyer & Butler

Managed Print Service at Dyer & Butler combines hardware and software to reduce costs and waste yet increases functionality, reliability and security.
Founded in 1979, Dyer & Butler is a regional civil engineering and building contractor that undertakes a wide range of often complex projects throughout England and Wales. Quality, the environment and sustainability are strategic issues so unreliable and expensive multi-function devices had to be replaced.

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