Cayto CRM has transformed the way the company operates today.



Southern Air Systems are ABAC/ALUP and BOGE air compressor distributors based in Eastleigh, serving customers in Hampshire, Dorset, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Wiltshire. They employ 10 staff.


Business Challenge

Southern Air Systems’ business philosophy is to always provide their customers with the best value service available. Operationally this was a challenge.

Creating quotes and processing orders for new and existing clients was a manual, time consuming process relying on paper forms and emails. Pre-printed forms were filled in for any enquiries and orders and then passed to the relevant departments such as ordering and warehousing for processing.  If a customer enquired about the order, the paper form had to be located. There was a risk these forms would get lost or misplaced which could lead to a loss of sale.

Sales quotes were created and sent via emails. There was a lot of duplication and cutting and pasting of data to prepare them. 

They were difficult to track as they were all on separate individual emails.

All documentation and forms had to be printed out incurring print costs. Once the key staff were unavailable, other members of staff had to locate and access the quotes which resulted in delaying sales. It was difficult to record and track any notes and special instructions relating to the individual sales and installations. Many details had to be remembered which was prone to errors and led to stressful working conditions.

Air compressor break downs where an engineer had to be sent on site were recorded using paper system which was inefficient.  Service calls were recorded using paper T cards system.

There was no central system allowing the company to have a complete view of their customers including all their history, orders, sales, quotations, service calls and breakdowns.


Copyrite’s Solution

Cayto CRM system has been implemented to improve the service to all their customers. Customised workflows have been created to enable quotations, sales order processing, delivery, service and breakdowns management 

It has transformed the way the company operates today.

All clients are recorded on the central hosted system. Creation of quotes has been automated with professionally branded templates. The system ensures a unique number is always assigned for the purchase orders. All quotations are linked to the customers’ records which creates a complete history. Authorised users have secure access to the information allowing them to instantly answer any customer queries. This speeds up sales, improves customer service and ensures a continuity of service when key people are off site. There is a seamless collaboration on orders between departments. 

All breakdowns are recorded and managed on the system. There is a complete history of all the breakdowns which helps to identify upgrade opportunities.

The system holds the details for each compressor which has been installed and the exact location. A global search can be run to find compressors which are nearing their end of life. It can also easily identify parts which have been recalled.

The management now have a clear view of the pipeline and predicted sales, allowing them to plan for their business.

The Director, Manager and staff have dash boards set up which gives them a complete view of the activity in their departments and the status on each order and install. They have a hot list of actions they have a need to perform such as approvals. 

As a next step, engineers will use tablets to complete the paperwork when they are onsite for service visits and breakdowns, which will speed up invoicing. It will also allow them to see all their jobs for the day and supply the relevant details such as address and information on the air compressors. 


Jamie Fear, Operations Director at SAS, commented: “A customised Cayto CRM system has revolutionised the way we operate. It has freed up 30% of my time which was spent creating quotes, managing orders, installs and breakdowns and making sure they all went smoothly. With Cayto CRM everything is recorded on the system and my colleagues can now progress a sale and answer any customer queries without me being there. We have noticed significant productivity gains and eliminated the risk of doubling up on purchase order numbers. We will be saving the cost of a salary of a new sales person whom we now do not need to hire. “


Ian Stewart, Director at Copyrite, added:

“As a part of our initial engagement with the customer, Copyrite identified the process bottlenecks, risks and inefficiencies. A hosted online Cayto CRM system was proposed to improve these issues. SAS now have complete transparency in terms of all their customers, sales processes, breakdowns and service calls. With this new system the company has cut overheads, increased efficiency, streamlined all their processes and will be easily able to handle more business without the need for extra staff.”



  • Automated online processes with workflows
  • Improved productivity
  • Eliminated a risk of doubling up purchase orders
  • Better customer experience
  • Faster sales order process
  • Seamless collaboration between departments
  • Accountability
  • Reduced print costs
  • Ability to scale up without the need for extra staff


Download the full case study below

Southern Air Systems Cayto Case Study


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