Copyrite saved 23 man hours a month by automating their sales order process

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Formed in 1993 Copyrite helps clients to streamline their office functions to increase efficiency, cut overheads and reduce risks associated with client information.

Currently they look after over 2500 clients ranging from start-ups to global organisations. The Copyrite Group includes Copyrite Business Solutions Ltd, Criterion IT Ltd and Worldoxcloud UK - the exclusive distributor of Worldoxcloud in the UK.

Business Challenge:

Selling software, IT, hardware and consultancy solutions requires comprehensive paperwork to be completed to ensure all requirements are captured in detail, the correct solution is proposed and a back office process is followed. Each client's solution is unique and a lot of care must be taken to document it.

At each stage supporting documents are produced to quote, supply, invoice and process recurring fees.

All documents were completed manually via a number of templates in a rather long winded and laborious process. This sometimes led to errors. Important parts were occasionally missed and there was a lot of duplication of entering data.

As a result some systems had been sold without the proper site checks, renewals were missed and occasionally support agreements weren't produced and signed leading to lost revenue and unhappy clients. It was exposing the company to risk of litigation.


A number of document generation options were considered and reviewed and company settled on HotDocs as its preferred solution.

By providing the sales person with just one consistent set of questions and one front sheet to be completed, the required set of documents are always produced immediately and accurately with minimal data entry.

HotDocs has always been linked with a workflow process which automates notification, approval and archiving of the documentation for each interested party in Accounts, Professional Services, Sales Support and Service.


All the necessary paperwork is always completed quickly and accurately and signed off by the client including terms and conditions. All the necessary information is automatically forwarded to the relevent parties and recorded for support, billing and recording of licence renewals and upgrades.


Ian Stewart, Director at Copyrite commented:

"The time taken to produce and process the necessary paperwork, once a solution is agreed, has been decreased by up to 75%. It now takes on average approximately 10 minutes.

Based on an average of 45 deals per month this saves around 23 man hours per month and this will only increase as we grow and the software is rolled out to other parts of the business."

At a Glance:


  • Slow manual data input process
  • Duplication of data
  • Errors in paperwork
  • Loss of revenue


  • HotDocs document generation system
  • Seamless workflow in place
  • Reduced risk of litigation and unhappy clients
  • Increased efficiency of staff

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