A law firm has managed to achieve a 61% drop in printing costs in just seven months -
and reduced the amount of waste paper which has to be re-cycled.

About the Company

Glanvilles is one of the top full service law firms in the South, providing legal advice to both individuals and businesses.

The firm has relied on Copyrite Business Solutions for many years for the supply, support and maintenance of multi-functional devices (MFDs).

Business Challenges

The firm was spending large amounts on print and copy every month and the cost was going up. This was predominantly because of the following reasons:

  • There was no way to report on what was being printed and who was printing it.
  • There were significant quantities of wasted paper.
  • They could not analyse trends between departments and offices.
  • It was not possible to determine whether documents were being duplexed, when they should have been, or being printed in colour rather than black & white
  • There was no security on the printing of sensitive information.


Copyrite wanted to offer an integrated solution that would achieve a fast return on investment. Director of Copyrite, Ian Stewart, understood

how much was spent on print and the potential for recommended PaperCut.

The PaperCut Print Management Solution was implemented in order to:

  • Save Paper and significantly reduce waste
  • Understand how much was spent on print.
  • Analyse existing print behaviour and trends
  • Increase security of customer data

Glanvilles have established a set of rules to reduce print costs such as default to duplex for jobs over two pages, and force black and white printing on emails and webpages.

paperCut produces many useful reports which allow a detailed analysis by user, by department, by office and similar. These reports are analysed for trends.

The implementation of "Find Me" printing ensures greater security of confidential information and reduces waste created by uncollected jobs.

Each user has their own PIN which allows them to collect their print jobs securely, from any printer, even from a different office. This reduces the common problem of "clogging up" the print queue and therefore improves staff productivity.

All users have visibility of how much they have printed and the associated cost. The choice of how to print a document is always with the user however it educates them to think before they print, "could it be black and white?, Could it be duplexed?" Users can override the settings, however they need to give a reason which is then reported on.


Mark Harman, Head of IT and Marketing at Glanvilles commented,

"We had not heard of PaperCut before Copyrite suggested it but soon realised that it would be revolutionary to the firm, giving us full visibility of our print, reducing waste and cutting our print costs. The most important part of the project was to get the partners as well as each user to buy into it. We endeavour to be a paper-light firm and always look for ways to reduce our environmental impact. After running PaperCut for only seven months we have achieved a 61% drop in print costs against the previous financial year which is a great success".

Ian Stewart said, "We are very pleased to offer a solution which we knew would result in a very fast ROI. However all credit goes to Glanvilles for such a successful execution of the project. We have implemented PaperCut software in a number of other law firms, all of which have achieved significant cost savings. Since Copyrite supplies the copier hardware, software and technical support to Glanvilles, we ensure that all aspects of the solutions run smoothly and the business operates effectively on a day-to-day basis"

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