Printer consolidation at the Bourne Academy has increased productivity while reducing costs. A New in-house print shop is generating an income stream.

About the Company

The Bourne Academy was established in 2010, replacing the former King’s High School. It’s an all-abilities mixed comprehensive school, specialising in Engineering & Design and English. In 2013, 82% of students achieved 5 A* to C grade GCSE’s and 60% achieved 5 A* to C grade GCSE’s which included English and Maths. The Academy’s objective is for students to develop the qualities to take advantage of life’s opportunities while contributing to society. Academic work is combined with a wide range of structured extra-curricular activities, allowing young people to grow as individuals.

An Ofsted inspection in May 2013 highlighted that in addition to providing an appropriate curriculum, the school identifies all students who need extra help and makes sure that extra support is provided for them. Staff are particularly effective in developing student confidence and self-esteem, ensuring they achieve well during their time at the academy.

Business Challenges

The Bourne Academy needed to improve productivity, accountability and reduce the running costs of their print fleet. They had been using a variety of 40 different printers, most of which were desktop models. New cartridges were needed on a daily basis which was therefore excessively costly and difficult to maintain.

The Academy wanted to generate brochures, prospectuses and exam papers in-house, to give them more control on amendments as well as reducing their costs.

In addition, the academy couldn’t rely solely on government funding and had a limited budget to operate as a business so a pro-active and enterprising approach was needed to contribute to operating costs.


All printers have been consolidated to achieve ease of use, efficiency and reduced costs. PaperCut is a print management solution which has been implemented with the purpose of:

  • Reducing the volumes of paper used and minimising wasted prints
  • Understanding how much was spent on printing
  • Analysing existing print behaviour

Rules have been established to force ‘black and white’ printing, and redirect large print jobs. PaperCut keeps detailed print logs for all printing activity, and reports can be generated to show printing by; user, printer, group, department, office or shared account.

The next step of the PaperCut implementation will be to control copying and printing at the device. "Find Me" is a feature of PaperCut which solves the problem of finding the closest printer. The implementation of "Find Me" printing will ensure greater security of confidential information and reduced waste created by uncollected jobs.

One of Copyrite's Directors; Phil Ford, commented, “The Bourne Academy selected Copyrite as a supplier for their print and photocopying, as they required a local, cost-effective and responsive partner. Copyrite has introduced 7 multi-functional devices (MPC3002) to enable scan, copy and print and some smaller printers (SPC430). The print solution is embedded and the IT team at the academy is working with Copyrite to further increase productivity and reduce the costs of their internal processes by driving down print volumes”.

Originally the Bourne Academy office was using a colour printer (MPC6500A), which has now been replaced with a production printer (PRO651). Setting up an in-house print shop has been a major development for the Academy as a revenue generator. Due to the high quality output, the production printers' services have been under great demand in the local community; documents have already been produced for another local school and a local football club.


Rob Edwards, ICT Co-Ordinator at the Bourne Academy explained,The printer consolidation has been a success for the academy’s internal processes; we have reduced costs, limited our risks and improved productivity. Auto-ordering of toner is excellent; anyone can easily change the toner when it is low. We anticipate increased demand for our print shop services to the local community which will enable the academy to become more self-sufficient. Copyrite has provided excellent service despite being cheaper than competitive solutions”.

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