Two Saints' significantly improves the lives of those who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, vulnerable or in need of support through the provision of high quality, reliable housing, support and learning services. Each year, a home is provided for around 1500 people and 1600 people are supported to stay in their own homes.


250 permanent and relief employees are helped by 50 volunteers to offer services across Hampshire, West Berkshire, Poole and Oxford. Good quality accommodation with support and resettlement services enables clients to develop skills to break the cycle of homelessness, poverty, and exclusion.

In 2012:

  • More than 300 clients moved to independent accommodation
  • 686 people were helped to manage addictions
  • 1000 people are helped every year to improve their physical health

Business Challenge:

Nigel Miles, IT Manager is responsible for all IT technology, including communications equipment, across the 23 Two Saints sites. He must ensure that IT infrastructure doesn't get in the way of the important day to day processes undertaken by employees and volunteers. As an organisation with stakeholders, supporters and donors, Two Saints has a responsibility to be as productive as possible and reduce waste.

Nigel explained, “Printing was a key challenge as the organisation originally had a mixture of 65 photocopiers and printers, some networked and others standalone. In a Citrix environment, printing was unreliable and staff often couldn’t print at all. I was receiving calls every 10 minutes from people unable to print which prevented them from working; it became a support nightmare”.

Default settings often came up as Colour when only Black and White was required. Ordering supplies was difficult and expensive for so many disparate machines and the organisation had no insight into how much was spent, or rather wasted on unnecessary printing.


Managed Print Services including Ricoh hardware and PaperCut

Two Saints has standardised their printers and now use 35 Ricoh machines, selected for their reliability in a Citrix environment. To reduce costs, duplex printing is forced at the device.

PaperCut for Print Management

PaperCut's print management delivers significant cost savings by monitoring and keeping control of an organisation’s printing. Two Saints are using PaperCut to establish a set of rules to reduce print costs; all printing in a network environment is tracked and detailed print logs for all user’s printing activity is kept which helps to understand printing at all levels of the organisation, such as by user, printer, group, department, office or shared account.

Nigel said, “I considered other MPS solutions but the combination of Ricoh and PaperCut offers simplicity and real value for money; since implementation, I believe we are at least 20% more productive. Importantly, the solution is totally dependable in a Citrix environment. Copyrite worked with us to find a flexible and easily implemented solution which we may extend across more sites in the future. We are also considering document management”.

Business Benefits:

By using Managed Print Services on one platform with a single point of contact, Two Saints have achieved less waste. Scheduled reports run across all services, identifying overall costs and costs per site. The organisation can monitor usage and look at the site in detail to see which documents are being printed and by whom. This provides essential insight into the highest users of colour in the organisation. Print can be locked down from Microsoft Outlook to Black and White.

Director of Copyrite, Ian Stewart explained, “Managed Print Services has reduced the costs of paper and supplies at Two Saints. Staff are now scanning information and scanning to fax, reducing the need to print while supplies are ordered centrally at a much cheaper rate. In addition, employee productivity has been improved by the increased document handling capabilities of the Ricoh hardware devices”.


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