Copyrite Business Solutions continues to grow with a major office expansion and refurbishment

Dorset based company Copyrite Business Solutions has grown from 35 employees and £4m turnover in 2010 to current 85 employees with a turnover of over £8m...

As a result, more office and warehousing space was needed. A decision has been taken to buy an adjacent industrial unit of 3500 sq.ft. which brings the total office/warehousing space to 12000 sq.ft.

A major refurbishment has been commissioned with a view to create a light and modern office space, improve staff wellbeing and increase sustainability credentials of the premises.

  • New sales and finance offices and meeting rooms have been designed to facilitate collaborative and agile working.
  • The existing kitchen is being extended to create a large canteen, a communal area where people can relax and socialise.
  • New showers and changing room will encourage more people to cycle to work or allow them to exercise at lunchtime
  • LED lighting throughout the building and wall and ceiling insulation will reduce power and gas consumption

Phil Ford, Director at Copyrite, commented "Due to our rapid expansion plans we struggled to fit everyone in and provide a nice working environment. We have engaged a local builder AA King who has carried the original concept drawing to project end perfectly, managing costs and budgets balanced with design and quality. Another local firm ATG Datanet was commissioned to implement overhead fibre optic connectivity between our three units. We are looking forward to using our new offices."

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