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Forty hours a month have been saved by the property finance team at Paris Smith since the law firm invested in powerful software which is used to create documents more quickly and eliminates any risk of error in the process.

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Called in to identify ways of increasing productivity, minimise risk, and improve efficiency, Copyrite Business Solutions helped Paris Smith to implement a full electronic document management system which provides the latest in document security and is easy to use.

As part of their review, Copyrite proposed to automate the document generation at the firm's property finance team with HotDocs software.

Alan Cousins, Practice Director at Paris Smith explained: "Volume of work always poses challenges but a 40 hour per month time saving for a team of six people has made a huge difference. We are looking forward to the solution benefitting the firm more widely as further departments move over to the new system."

Ben Summerfield, Director at Copyrite commented: "It is all about the process - once we understand a firm's current workflow, we can then take steps to improve it and make it seamless. We are now working with Paris Smith to integrate the document generation with the document management which will further enhance and complete the process."

Since implementation, Paris Smith have created an internal 'Technology Champions CLub', where groups from across all departments meet to discuss best practice and innovate ways of using the toolset to further benefit their work and Paris Smith as a firm. Such meetings also facilitate collaboration between the departments and expedite the process of technology change from within the firm.

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