Benefits of Scanning Automation

  • Leverages the existing infrastructure to speed business transaction cycles and productivity
  • Uses 128-bit encryption to identify, track and restrict access when securely sending documents.
  • Streamlines matter-centric document management workflows
  • Supports batch barcode and adhoc scanning workflows
  • Adds a Bates Number to each scanned page, where required.
  • Facilitates the instant exchange of critical paperwork over a local network or the Internet

For effective and secure case management, highly sensitive data must be kept in a central location, searchable by keyword.

Instant retrieval of information in legal procedures increases the need for e-filing; multi-step paper-to-digital and matter-centric filing workflows can be reduced to one easy step. Fast, easy and accurate paper-to-digital file conversion ensures legal firms handle e-discovery cost-effectively to avoid slow and expensive outsourced legal support services.

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