• Accelerate capture of business critical information
  • Handle enquiries efficiently
  • Improve customer & supplier service
  • Reduce processing costs & errors
  • Reduce risk of compliance failure
  • Increase business productivity

Case Study

Moore Blatch:
Automatic Document Classification, Document Scanning, Data Capture, Reduced Costs

Moore Blatch eliminates manual post processes, reduces costs & improves customer service

The management of vast amounts of paper documentation, evidence, statements, filings and court proceedings leaves no room for errors or lapses in security or availability for law firms. Moore Blatch needed to accelerate their physical mail distribution process to support business growth and boost their legal team efficiency. The firm also had to provide exceptional customer service while maintaining security and confidentiality.

Paul Walshe, Partner at Moore Blatch: “Eliminating manual post distribution was essential as we were spending a lot of time distributing and filing documents. The Copyrite solution has enabled us to reduce our administration overheads, accelerate the process of document delivery resulting in improved client relationships. We now have a solution that can scale as our company continues to grow”.

Distributing incoming mail to departments, groups and individuals requires significant time and effort and leads to processing delays and routing errors. The speed of IT and the Internet enables paper and digital documents to be consistently handled together within a digital mailroom. The convergence of business pressures for cost saving and regulatory compliance has led to digital mailroom solutions; at the same time that key scanning recognition, indexing, storage and processing techniques have integrated and become easy to adopt and scale.

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