• Accelerate workflows with SIMS integration
  • Track output from all printers & MFPs
  • Set & enforce quotas or pay-per-print programmes
  • Allocate printing costs to a specific department or grant
  • Discourage print waste & abuse, while enforcing rules for output
  • Enable authenticated printing via ID or matriculation cards

Case Study

Beaucroft School
managing and accessing increasing volumes of paperwork in any school environment is critical.

The Bourne Academy
improve productivity, accountablity and reduce the running costs

leaf-academyLeAF Academy
Cutting print costs by 40% in the first month

Schools, colleges and education authorities can improve control over printer output, with a print management solution. By tracking every print, copy and scan at a user level, and determining the exact cost of each print job, administrators can implement print quotas, pay-per-print programmes or budgetary chargeback policies with the aim of curbing uncontrolled print activity and costs.

Allocating these costs to the appropriate student, departmental or staff account encourages everyone to promote responsible print management, as well as minimise wasted paper and toner.

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