• Easy to use, fast internal mail distribution
  • Eliminate ‘Lost File Syndrome’
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Meet regulatory & compliance obligations
  • Reduce staff & storage costs
  • Focus on customer service

Case Study

Princecroft Willis:
Scanning and Routing of Incoming Post, Document Management, Print Management

By electronically routing a document as part of a process you retain integrity and maintain control. Quicker than any manual distribution, this removes the need for multiple copies and ensures that the process is tracked. Workflows can also be added, automating and simplifying day to day processes. The ability to read key data on electronic documents and scanned-in paper images enables the automation of sign-offs from seniors and managers to partners, or invoices based on authorisation limits. Long procedures can be reduced to moments and good practice becomes routine.

Ease of implementation and impact on working practices are frequently cited as major barriers to adoption of new software. An integrated solution enables outputs from your fee-earning and practice management software to be captured automatically.

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