• Easy to use, fast internal mail distribution
  • Eliminate ‘Lost File Syndrome’
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Meet regulatory & compliance obligations
  • Reduce staff & storage costs
  • Focus on customer service

Case Study

Princecroft Willis:
Scanning and Routing of Incoming Post, Document Management, Print Management

In a YouGov survey, a cross section of businesses estimated how much of the information they deal with is paper-based;

it revealed that accountancy practices deal with an above-average percentage of paper at 54%. Paper-intensive businesses spend most time searching for information – the survey identified that accountants carry a 26% overhead on their document-searching, wasting time at a cost of £2.7m every day.


Document management systems enable the "avoidance of lost file syndrome", something many practitioners will recognise as a cause of non chargeable administration time.

Managing incoming post is a major challenge due to time delays in getting paper-based information into an electronic workflow. Misplaced information and delays in document retrieval can threaten client relationships.  Space and storage become an issue as the increasing amount of paper files take up space.

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